Penn-Plax Reptology Turtle-Topper

The Reptology Turtle-Topper (17" x 14" x 10") is a unique and innovative basking spot that is designed for placement on top or your turtle tank. This above tank basking platform will fit most standard rectangular tanks up to 55 gallons or tanks that are 13 inches wide. Many aquatic turtles are by nature active swimmers and enjoy swimming in deeper water. Since the Turtle-Topper is placed on top of the tank, it allows you to fill your turtle tank up almost completely to the top. Free to swim in the entire tank, the result is a healthier and happier turtle. Some additional benefits of the Turtle Topper include a greater volume of water which will stay cleaner for a longer period of time. Due to the deeper water you are now free to use any type of filter you choose, including those which would not normally function in the lower water levels normally maintained in turtle tanks. Also, since the Turtle-Topper is supported by the top of the tank, it will hold the weight of larger and multiple turtles without sinking, keeping your turtles completely dry. Unique underwater resting platform allows your turtle a place to rest and get air without having to swim to the surface. Includes 2 mounting rims for clamp lamps (Item #: REPCL1 - Reptology Small Clamp Lamp recommended) to take care of your turtle's basking requirements.

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Introducing Penn Plax's New Turtle-Topper Tank Accessory


What are the benefits of this product ?
A higher water level can help with filtering and more realistic natural environment. Ability to dry off completely can reduce the shell rot and skin infections.


What size turtle is the good for?
A turtle of 4" or larger is recommended because the water level required.


How much weight will it hold?
Weight is not an issue. It has been tested for up to five pounds which should not be a problem in any aquarium.